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  • BookPage reports: "Readers love 'Wrecker'"

    Summer Wood - Mar 25, 2011

    ... and Wrecker loves them back. Thanks, BookPage! Here's a link to the whole thing: Would love it if you'd visit the blog and post a comment!   Read More >>

  • New West reviews Wrecker

    Summer Wood - Mar 14, 2011

    Check it out at Here's an excerpt: "In Wrecker, Wood vividly captures the atmosphere of summer-of-love-era San Francisco, life in the remote redwood…   Read More >>

  • WRECKER tours the west, right now

    Summer Wood - Feb 19, 2011

    Santa Fe. Taos. Albuquerque. San Francisco. Pleasanton. Danville. San Francisco, again. Berkeley. Mendocino. Arcata. Portland. Seattle. What do all these cities have in common? Simple: they've got GREAT bookstores! And WRECKER will appear (towing…   Read More >>

  • Valentine's Day Interview at The Nervous Breakdown

    Summer Wood - Feb 14, 2011

    The fabulous Susan Henderson (UP FROM THE BLUE) asked some hard questions about WRECKER -- and about parenting. Check it out at Really made me think!   Read More >>

  • Guest post on Reading Group Choices blog is live today

    Summer Wood - Feb 2, 2011

    Check it out: These folks are wonderful.