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BookBrowse readers rave about WRECKER

Summer Wood - November 15, 2010

Okay, so I partly just wanted to write that for the alliteration... but, really, the advance readers at BookBrowse have weighed in wildly in favor of this book.  I'm so delighted!  Here's one response, from Jill S. of Eagle, ID:

"What a great book! Set in northern California in the late 60’s, Wrecker finds himself adopted by a distant Uncle after his mother goes to prison. When his Uncle is not able to take care of Wrecker, he finds himself being raised by his quirky neighbors (the next farm over). Despite his neighbors flaws and secrets, they ultimately band together to form a family, and provide Wrecker with a home filled with compassion and love. Each one helps Wrecker, and they raise an exceptional young man. Right from the start, I was captivated by the characters and couldn’t put the book down. It’s a heartfelt, touching story that is beautifully written. I really enjoyed this book, and loved reading it."

Reviewer rating: 5/5

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